Our Journey

In the woods. In the mountains. In the desert. Running through trails.

TimeGear watches are designed for those who like to live up to challenges each and every day of their lives. You're an outdoor adventurer, health enthusiast and athlete. Your heart rate will change rapidly because you like to do the hard things. We aim to influence daily lives based on various main factors such as health, sport, routine and lifestyle. TimeGear provide unique watches with an aspiration to contribute.
We are athletes. We love our athletic ability. We weren't able to track our flaws and faults from various activities. What type of sleep are you getting? Deep sleep tracking helps you feel better the next day. Keeping track of your sleep helps better sleep if you feel you are sleep deprived, have trouble sleeping or generally don't know how long you're sleeping. Being effective comes from knowing how many calories you're burning during regular activities & workouts. This helps burn the calories you want to burn and also motivate you to do more work and feel good.

Our mission at TimeGear is simple.

We take a personal approach to your health and are strong believers in maximising human potential, as well as continuous improvement and long lasting excellence. Our watches ensure you are able to push your boundaries, while maintaining a long-term view on your daily life. Our watches are built to last, as is our contribution to future generations. Being in control of your time is being in control of your life. Get your sleep, heart rate and overall health back on track with the smartwatch you need to overcome your obstacles.
We want everyone on the Earth to be wearing a TimeGear watch, this is why we employ a direct-to-consumer strategy. We cut out the middle man and eliminate the traditional retail markup that you are tired of seeing in today's world. You are hard working, hence why we work hard to create smartwatches worth your time. Every human being deserves a smartwatch that gives them confidence to live freely and live the life they deserve. TimeGear is with you wherever you go, every step of the way.
Each watch purchased comes with a 1 year warranty.
We appreciate your support.